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The House of the Vicentes

The Vicentes, ie the family of the mother of Alexandrina, was not the poorest. But then, owing perhaps to maladministration, the house had to be sold and that ruined the family.

Gresufes seen from the north. The House of Vicentes is in the center of the image, with a large garage door and a brown balcony above it.

A new house was recently built over the original: but the kitchen where, saw the birth of Alexandrina on 30 March 1904, was spared. It was cold and the mother gave birth to her daughter near the fireplace.

The fireplace and oven. It was in front these that Alexandrina was born.

Besides the fireplace, the kitchen also maintains the oven and the chimney: the oven was used to cook the family bread and chimney, of course, to allow the smoke to escape from the kitchen. It was under the hood, in front of the fireplace, where the family prayed and talked and spun during the long nights of winter.

Lintel of the old door of the Vicentes house. The inscription reads The Year of the Lord 1764.

Traditionally, the chimneys were showpieces.
In the wall was an area for stowing cleaning gear and such.
The wine cellar, it seems, was 18th century. At least that is the date on the lintel where the door was. One of the iron locks of this door was also salvaged.


It was customary to have a pair of these iron knockers on the doors of the farmhouses. This one, from the Vicentes home, dates from around 1870. It is similar to several others in the parish.

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