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Gresufes: the ancient parish

Gresufes, the hamlet where Blessed Alexandrina was born, is a part of the parish of Balasar (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal), which for several centuries was the seat of parish too. The man who gave it the name, Gresulfo, must have lived about one thousand years before Alexandrina.
The parish had Jesus the Holy Saviour as its patron.

As we approach Gresufes, we see the traditional village but with more contemporary buildings.

Gresufes is surrounded by hills to the east, south and west. These hills are full of vegetation. It is only open to the north, towards Alem and the River Este.
It is certainly a peaceful area, excellent for relaxation and meditation.
The road actually finishes at Gresufes so what could have made this place a parish?
On one side there is abundant water, and where that exists you have to create a village.
But there may be another reason: On a hill close by there was a small religious center before our era. The parish of Gresufes is somehow the successor of this centre.
Today we can find half a dozen houses there: some recent, some old and very modest, but at least one impresses us with its character.

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