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Memories of Gresufes

In her Autobiography, Alexandrina left us some interesting memories of her childhood in old Gresufes. Let’s look at one of the earliest, that of the falling bowl.
How quiet it was and, and my mother was relaxing and laying me down beside her. I did not want to sleep and, lifting myself up, got to the top of the bed to reach a bowl containing a hair unguent – a product of the land - and began to rub it into my hair as I had seen it used.
Because of this my mother reprimanded me and I took fright. I dropped the bowl to the ground, fell on top of it and cut my face.
I was taken immediately to the doctor who, seeing my condition, refused to treat me, saying that it was beyond his capabilities. My mother took me to Viatodos, where there was a renowned chemist, who attended to me, though with much cost because he had to sew my face three times, and the wound took some time to heal. The suffering was intense.

This accident left a visible mark on Alexandrina next to her mouth: which she was not to forget. The Viatodos chemist was Snr. Oliveira; the pharmacy was called Isabelinha.

The Viatodos chemist, Sr. Oliveira.

In this second episode Alexandrina might have been severely injured, but the game ended without problems:
One day I went with my sister and a cousin to graze the cattle, and in the field was a horse. At some point, the mare bolted to the side of the field where I was and threw me to the ground, butted me with his head, stood over me, and began to scrape my chest above the heart with his hoof, as if he were playing. Then he backed off, whinnied, and returned to repeat the game. He did this several sometimes, but I was not hurt.
My companions shouted and some people who knew the animal ran to help and I was able to escape from his games.

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